Chiffon Sarees in India

A Chiffon saree is a light, sheer fabric worn by women in India as an upper garment, or draped on the lower body with a petticoat. In this blog article, find out everything you need to know about these beautiful garments and what they mean for Indian culture!

What is a Chiffon Saree?

A Chiffon Saree is a traditional Indian attire, which is worn straight around. It is mostly preferred by the women of India. The fabric used to make this type of saree is usually Chiffon.

Types of Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees are elegant and graceful. They are perfect for any special occasion or day at the beach. There are many different types of chiffon sarees, including draped, half-sleeved, short sleeve and long sleeve.

History: Where did the Chiffon Saree originate from?

The word “Chiffon” comes from the French word meaning light and airy. This type of dress was first introduced to India by a gentleman named Claude Martin, who owned a textile business in Lyon, France. He then brought the fabric with him to India and distributed it across the country.

His company became known as “Taffeta Martin” in 1859 when he moved his factories to Bombay.


A Chiffon saree traditionally consists of three parts – the unstitched blouse, the stitched petticoat, and the chiffon saree. The chiffon saree is a long rectangular cloth that is usually draped over the body. It is known for its light and airy drape, which allows it to flow gracefully when worn. Shop one for you too right now!